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Pratima is the daughter of a carpenter who joined the school last year. The family recently moved here from West Bengal. She had a bit of a challenging transition, especially academically, since she has never studied in English before. She is focusing on acquiring language. Her language has been increasing exponentially, and she is bold about asking for help when she doesn't understand.

She has developed good friendships with her classmates, who are quick to help out and explain when something is not clear. She is very sweet and mild-mannered and cheerful. She is very affectionate toward her younger brother, often walking with him or playing patty-cake games. It's been awesome to watch her settle in.

She participates in all activities. She loves learning hindi language. She always smiles. She makes people laugh. She tries to take help from her classmates and helps the older kids in cleaning. Though she doesn’t participates in sports, she participates in arts with full effort.

She  loves to play badminton. She enjoys being with  her friends telling story and jokes . She always shares her problems and challenges with  her friends and teachers , she works hard to fulfill all of her assigned duties. She is helpful and respectful to all the community members.

Child ID: 1512091