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Rinchen Dorjee.JPG

Rinchen is a smart and intelligent boy. He’s full of questions about the most interesting topics. He can arrive at conclusions that are otherwise not obvious. I teach him English and he makes my class fun.

He has a witty line of his own for every two lines that he reads. He is constantly complaining about how he doesn’t like any of the poems he reads and how he can write better poems than any he has ever read. He has a good understanding of the language and is good at grasping new things.

Rinchen would be able to maneuver his way through life situations with his ability to speak easily and confidently. He demonstrates this ability both in the classroom and outside with his interactions with his peers and his teachers. Outside of class, Rinchen is interested in sports and volleyball. He likes nature too. On the nature walks, he is the one pointing out which plant is what and what it is used for.

Child ID: 0704044