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Lobsang in 2019

Lobsang in 2019


Lobsang has been at Jhamtse Gatsal since he was six years old!

He recently said “I value the way people take care of each other and help each other at Jhamtse Gatsal.” Lobsang is a committed and determined student.

He is naturally bright, but he can get distracted around his peers. Lobsang studies hard and is quiet and disciplined boy in class. Lobsang is comfortable with his convictions, and stands up for what he believes.

He prefers the arts rather than sports, but happily joins in the volleyball games, and participates in the ceremonial “Lion” dance performed to entertain visitors to the community.

Lobsang enjoys hands-on activities such as construction and carpentry. He helped to build a ledge to hold flower pots outside of his family house. His public speaking skills are improving, and he is slowly learning to take a bigger leadership role in his class. This is sure to be of long-term benefit to him.

Child ID: 0605004