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Tsering is from a small village. She speaks Hindi, Mopa and English. She is a quiet but attentive girl. She is a deep thinker and a highly talented artist.

“When I grow up I want to help poor people. I also want to build a school and I will help them. I will teach the people to do good things and love to others.”

Her hobbies and talents include art and creative writing. When asked for ideas, she has excellent ones. In discussions, her points add value because they seem to stem from deep analysis.

Whatever Tsering is unable to say verbally, she puts down in writing. This has led to her developing her written skills, which are presently helping her in her academics. She is diligent with her classwork and is always up-to- date with what is going on in class. Tsering opens up during art class.

She likes working with her hands and this seems to enable her to be more expressive. She is very perceptive of others’ feelings and is always ready to help. She has an exemplary character and composure.

Child ID: 0703035