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Tenzin speaking at the student elections in 2019

Tenzin speaking at the student elections in 2019


Tenzin asks: “There are many poor, but why us?” and “Why do all these unknown people help us? I feel very lucky. I would like to be a nurse. In the Monyul region there is great need for medical care, and a great need for a female practitioner.”

Tenzin is a confident, diligent and gregarious person who is “adored by everyone.” At first glance, she appears shy, but turns into a chatterbox among friends. She is a very creative person with innovative ideas. She loves reading, often choosing to do so in her free time.

She is naturally intelligent, though sometimes this needs to be supplemented with hard work to find its reward. She is does well on her tests, and occasionally shows clear signs of brilliance. With a little more focus and determination, she can easily achieve amazing results.

She is interested in hair styling and fashion design. Her sisters and friends often look to her to style their hair for special events.

“If persons have a positive mind and helpful person for me this is beautiful to me. Beautiful not mean that people who have a beautiful eyes and beautiful face. People should also need kind heart. Even the grandmothers also beautiful.”

Child ID: 0606030