The Voice

The Voice is the student produced newspaper of Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community. The paper is produced quarterly.

“We are the voice of the senior-most grade at Jhamtse Gatsal. We are the hidden voices of the unsung heroes of this Community. We are the voice of the stories waiting to be written of the people in the villages around us.”



Features an important article from Gen Lobsang la discussing “Right to Speech” vs “Right Speech”. Hear from Jhamtse’s daredevil Dorjee Norbu and teachers Prerna Kodur and Tselha Wangmo. Veterinarians Jessica and Yab visit JGCC to spay and neuter the dogs. Dr. Islam from ICAR talks to JG students about mushroom cultivation. Dorjee Yangki, Grade 9, talks about her experience at the Science exhibition. Dr. Ramesh Kikkari talks about DEWATS in his talk at JGCC. An interview with Vasudha Wanchoo. A profile of Chef Motu Bro. JGCC says no to plastic. A proposal for a technology free month to aid deeper relationships. A tribute to the staff. What do exams mean to me?



Election updates at JGCC, The Language of Love and Tears by Tenzin Drolma B and Lobsang Wangchu, An update on the Lakpar Fellowship, What’s Going On In Our Community?, Independence Day Celebration, The Lives We Live - a visit by Janeche and Bert, Co-founder of Joyineering, Mike Lebecki and his daughter Lilliana Libecki, Poetry