Tashi Update

(Tashi is featured in the HBO documentary Tashi & The Monk)

"When I first met Tashi, I had learned that her mom passed away and her father was an alcoholic, and is not capable of supporting her. She was a strange child who would do things like pick up a broken glass from the road and chew it. She was definitely in need of a family, and so we took her in. After spending about one year in the community, Tashi is doing exceptionally well. When she first came in, everybody was thinking that she would either save us or destroy us. Fortunately, I can say that she did save us."

"Tashi has changed so much now, that recently when her house mother was unwell, she was looking after her, giving her a head massage and telling other kids to keep quiet around her. She is also really proactive in helping other kids, her siblings, and house mothers with work and chores. She will still take long to change completely, but she is healing really fast, she is less aggressive, has a lot of friends, and is more focused now. Although none of us have any idea about how to handle it, we’re not experts, but the environment she’s in is nurturing her into a better human being every day." - Lobsang Phuntsok

Jennifer DeGlopper