Dr. Frank James

All is more than well here at Jhamtse!

Sunday is the one day there are no conflicts with school or other duties for the kids. On Sunday two of the older students interested in medicine, Nurse Nancy and I examined all of the 90 + kids now at the school. There are 6 new staff children in addition to the others. The 15 new admits will not be here until the end of his month, well after I have left. We are making a plan to manage their entry as it is full of risks for the school. In the past  TB, scabies, mumps and chickenpox have spread at the school and the entry of the new children - often from very difficult circumstances - puts all the children at risk. Even scabies, once established in the community, would likely take many months and a great effort to eliminate as it has done in the past.

Frank James with Child.jpg

The wonderful news is that the children are much healthier than ever before. Of all the children only a handful had a significant issue that needs to be addressed beyond the screening exams provided. We collected the growth data on all the kids and will be adding that to our database on growth and development. Since 2009 I have been documenting the improvements in nutrition and the good outcomes that creates. The dentist  will be happy to see that the cookies that used to come with every tea time have been replaced by fruit and vegetables!  There are, as always, a few cases that are complex and definitely need attention. I met with Vasu about getting the children additional care needed.

I held regular twice daily clinics during my visit (after breakfast and after dinner) for staff as well. The new teachers are amazing! From all over India (Ladakh to Tami Nadu literally).  They are bright, energetic and hardworking. The spirits are up across campus all the time and it make me so happy to get a dozen hugs on the walk to the clinic. My stay was too short, I left for home on the 6th of October. 

Much love and appreciation for everyone that makes this place possible!