First and foremost, if you’re hosting a Watch Party for church, school, friends or family, thank you! We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the movie.

The story of Jhamtse Gatsal and its children is hard to encapsulate. Condensing 12 years into under two hours is tricky! In our experience, viewers often have questions after, and that’s what the Watch Party Guide is for. We’ve listened to the questions that have been asked, and tried to anticipate those that haven’t, and provided you with the best answers possible. It may help to peruse this packet before your guests arrive, so you’re familiar with the material present.

To receive a Watch Party Guide, please send an email to odessa@jhamtse.org . We will be happy to work with you (if desired) to share your event.

Again, thank you for spreading the word! We’re incredibly proud to share Tashi & The Monk with you, and we hope you enjoy it!


Our Board

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dr. frank james - executive committee member

Dr. James is a newer member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. He has been involved with Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community itself since 2009 when he first visited. He is a physician active in teaching, research and medical practice and holds faculty appointments at universities in the US and Taiwan.

Frank is committed to the core values of love and compassion as the basis for moving life forward at the Children’s Community and in his everyday life. Dr. James is both a medical consultant to the school itself and the lead organizer of medical services for the staff and children. He both provides services directly and recruits and coordinates his students, colleagues and other medical volunteers. 


Jerry zadow - treasurer

My wife, Gaby, and I became students of Lobsang Phuntsok when he started teaching Buddhism in Concord at the beginning of his time in Concord, MA.  He became our teacher and good friend.  When he began to conceptualize his idea for what has become Jhamtse Gatsal, we began the process of incorporating Jhamtse International as a 501(c)3 and I was asked to be an officer.  

We have been supporters of Jhamtse International and Jhamtse Gatsal from the beginning, but after my first trip to the “Garden of Love and Compassion” (in 2008?) it changed our lives.  The children, these little seeds of compassion, chosen out of those most in need of family and care, out of traumatic backgrounds, were already becoming the most loving, helpful, members of the community.  The staff began to embody Lobsang’s vision of love and compassion and the effect on the children was transformative.  I had never experienced a community so loving, so happy.  Jhamtse has been a long-term passion of ours.

I come from a professional background in industry, consulting and as an entrepreneur; am still involved in entrepreneurial endeavors as a mentor at MIT.  The work that Lobsang and the staff are fulfilling at Jhamtse Gatsal informs my life in trying to live up to this vision — I will continue to try to live up to this vision.

Jhamtse is working to make the world a better, more meaningful planet one little seed of compassion at a time.

- Jerry Zadow


beezy bentzen - secretary

I became friends with Lobsang Phuntsok when he first came to live and teach in Concord, Massachusetts.  I had previously trekked in Tibet and was eager to return to Tibet and be able to communicate directly with Tibetans, so Lobsang tutored me in Tibetan for some time.  He invited me to travel in India with him in 2003, and it was then that I learned about his dream of establishing a home and school for children in his home district who were suffering from the same poverty, abuse and neglect that he suffered as a child.  We visited the steep Himalayan ridge where he had been given the property that was to become the site of Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community.  I was inspired by Lobsang’s vision of a nurturing, loving, compassionate community, and became an early supporter and fundraiser.

For most of my professional life, I have done research on making the built environment more accessible to people who are blind or who have low vision.  Accessible pedestrian signals at intersections, and truncated domes at transit platforms and on curb ramps are the most familiar accessible features on which I’ve conducted human factors research.  I remain professionally active, though I now spend more time volunteering for Jhamtse International.

I am a single mother of an adult son who is a wildlife biologist in Alaska, and grandmother of three all-Alaskan boys.  As I have no other family, I treasure my nearly annual visits to Jhamtse Gatsal, where I am surrounded by the joy, caring and fun of nearly 100 amazing children who are blossoming into medicine for the world.  I am blessed to be part of the Jhamtse family.