Judy Foley

Judy Foley

Judy Foley

Judy’s (aka, Mom and Grammy) unconditional love for her family has nurtured and inspired us for generations. Although she taught us the true meaning of family through both her tender actions and words, Judy was more about action. She showed us how to live a life in service to others. As long as we and others were happy, she was happy. She did all of this with humility and kindness. She never asked for anything in return.   

The attached picture was taken a few months ago during a celebration of our Dad’s 80th birthday.  As a Lake Michigan sunset glowed on Judy, her beautiful blue eyes and bright smile shined upon us as a reflection of her love. Judy loved her children and grandchildren in deeply moving ways.  Her love shines brightly in all of us.  Judy also shared her love with every child she met.  She loved to make kids smile and to feel special. We are all better human beings thanks to Judy. 

Judy, her husband Jay (aka, Dad and Grampy) and our family have been supporting Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community for over a decade.  We have been touched by Jhamste Gastal, particularly the children who benefit from this incredible community. Jhamtse Gatsal are Tibetan words that mean "garden of love and compassion". It is with a deep sense of pride and joy that we honor Judy with this special connection to the Jhamtse Gatsal Children's Community, as Judy taught us the power and beauty of nature through her passion for gardening.  

In honor of Mom, we’d like to enable more seeds of compassion to blossom so that Judy’s legacy of love will live on in children around the globe.   

With deep love and gratitude,

The Foley/Swanson Family

Watch the Emmy Award winning Documentary ‘Tashi and The Monk to learn more about Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community.