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Tenzin is in 2nd grade. She joined us in 2018. She is very friendly and responsible child. She is very intelligent girl, she is very good in all  subjects. Her favorite subject is math. She solves all her math problems very quickly. She likes going to library very much because loves reading story books.

Her favorite book is Cat and Dog.  She is very creative. She likes to build things out of scraps. She also likes drawing, coloring and origami. She likes to play seven Stone and hide and seek with her friends .

She is a very good dancer and she always participates in the cultural events that are held in the community. She is also helpful. She always helps her brothers and sisters with the chores in the family house.

She is learning to use the computer. This year we have 20 new laptops donated by Dell Computer. She is a fast learner and is picking this up very quickly.

She also likes gardening. The students have grown lot of vegetables like lettuce, spinach, chilli peppers, coriander in their garden. She likes weeding and also helps watering the plants. She and her friends have lot of fun in garden.

Child ID: 1807095