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Abhijit is a very friendly and responsible child. He is a very intelligent boy, very good in all subjects. His favorite subject is math. He solves his math problems very quickly. He is very creative boy, he likes to build things out of scraps. He also likes to build things like cars, houses and different things out of waste materials. Recently, he found a broken flashlight in the trash and he fixed it without the help from any of the adults.

He likes to draw animals, his favorite animal is dog. He has a dog named Rani (queen). He loves her very much. He likes to play volleyball and cricket. But his favorite game is playing with his tiny car. He has tied his car with a thread and he likes to pull it everywhere he goes. He enjoys going to the garden, looking after the plants he and his friends have grown.

He is a very good dancer and he always participates in the cultural events that are held in the community. He is helpful, always helping his brothers and sisters with the chores in the family house.

Child ID: 1508090