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Tsering is a very friendly child. She is very smart and good in all subjects. Her favorite subject is science. She is very competitive and tends to rush through her work. Whenever anything is incorrect she tends to get impatient and tends gives up. She wants to get it right all the time. Her teachers remind her that it is ok to be wrong and wrong is not a bad thing, it means we are trying. It is difficult for her but I think she is improving and becoming more calmer.

She is a responsible child and takes care of her belongings very well. She also helps her brothers and sisters with cleaning and chores in the family house. She is good at reading and writing. She likes reading story books. Her favorite books are about animals. Going to the library is one of her favorite activities of the day.

She also likes computer class. This year we have 20 new laptops donated and installed by Dell employees from the US. We have a computer lab. Tsering and her friends have had an opportunity to play with the laptops for the first time. She is learning basic computer skills like painting, typing and sometimes searching things on google. She is a fast learner and picks up things pretty quickly.

She likes gardening. She does weeding and also helps in watering. This year our garden has lettuce, spinach, chilly and corainder. We had a good harvest so we shared our vegetables with other members of the community. We had a lunch party and cooked the vegetables from our garden.

Tsering is a good dancer and she always takes part in the cultural events in the community.

Child ID: 1403089