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Tenzin is one of the most smart, cheerful and most talkative students in the community. She learns very fast if she likes something but if she does not like it’s little hard for her to pay attention. She also becomes overly confident sometimes, due to which she makes silly mistakes and it discourages her. She is an inquisitive child. She has a lot of questions and she has the desire to learn more and new things.

She loves reading. She will run to library during small breaks. Her language skills are strong. This year she started to like math too. She is learning to be a responsible person towards her young siblings and elders too. Sometimes she becomes mad if the things doesn’t go according to her at the time she shouts and becomes angry a lot but after making her aware that it is not good for her as well as her surrounding, I noticed that she is working very hard to come out of it and in some extends she succeed.

She is an obedient child. Her academics are strong. She eagerly helps her siblings. She is learning projects like gardening. She is a good singer and dancer. She loves singing, mostly she sings and writes english songs.

Child ID: 1002075