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Sonam lost her father when she was very young. Her mother was unemployed and was not able to care her or send her school.

Today she is doing well in her studies. She is friendly with everyone and is usually found in a good and happy mood. She loves to spend time with her friends and really does well in her classmate performance participation.

She is very good dancer  and she participates in traditional Tibetan dance as well as modern dance. She helps looking after smaller kids in the community. On the weekends, she helps the Amalas (housemothers) with vermi-composting and gardening. She loves drawing ,writing  stories and poems. She always shares her problems and challenges with  her friends, Amalas and teachers . 

She  loves to play volleyball and badminton.  She represents Jhamtse Gatsal on the girl’s volleyball team.

She is respectful and helpful to all community members.

 Child ID: 0905057