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Dorjee is doing very well in her studies. She is very friendly and open-minded. She loves spending time with her friends and is respectful and helpful towards the community. She has an interest in reading storybooks.

She loves playing volleyball and is the primary server in our school volleyball team. Last year the girls’ volleyball team won the first prize in the tournament held in the area as a part of the Independence Day celebrations.

She loves dancing and enjoys learning science. She is very helpful to her friends. She tends to get nervous often, but she has improved a lot when compared to last year. She is now doing well in almost everything she takes up. In her house, she helps the house mothers (Amalas) to look after the younger ones. She has done a good job in her academics too. This year, we have introduced experiential education (called Lakpar) and she particularly loves it.

She is always seen in a good and happy mood.

Child ID: 0905052