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Tenzin is a friendly child. She is a mature and understanding child in her age group. She loves music. She is an active learner. She is consistent in academics and in other duties and responsibilities too. She may appear shy and subdued around strong personalities but works very well in small teams and with those she is close to.

Academically, Tenzin works hard. She prefers to work quietly and in her own space. She has developed a liking towards reading short moral stories. She works hard in subjects like Math and Science. She has mentioned about how she enjoys learning English and concepts in Social Studies too. Tenzin would like to work on spellings, vocabulary, speaking skills and mathematical skills.

Her teachers have mentioned that she is a steady and persistent student in class. Tenzin is a child who is open to feedback. She receives it well, works on it with support and shows positive results. She is willing to compromise and work with limited resources. Most of the times, she is willing to share her stationery, books and personal belongings when needed.

Her classmates like her a lot. She is patient when they need something from her and she always offers to help them.

Tenzin is a responsible child in the house too. She is loving and gentle towards everyone and respects her elders. She helps and supports her friends in academics and other aspects too. She also follows through what is asked by her Amala (house mother). She is sensitive towards the younger ones and others as well. Her friends often seek comfort in her presence and enjoy her balanced and calm personality. She works well with different personalities which is commendable for her age.

Tenzin has a wonderful voice and often performs for class assemblies and other activities. One would usually find Tenzin seated at spots that overlook the mountains while she is humming and singing with her friends. She shows interest in traditional and western songs and responds well tovocal training and instruction.

She play badminton when she is free.

She is being mentored to work on her confidence because she wants to perform better on stage and speak more confidently. She is also being guided to study well. Tenzin is diligent and punctual in her work. She shows perseverance in the tasks she takes up. She is very compassionate, peaceful and conscientious. She is certainly growing up to be a warm and balanced teenager.

Child ID: 0904071