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Sangey has been at Jhamtse Gatsal since she was 4 years old. She lost her father when she was an infant. Her mother couldn’t take care of her. Sangey’s mother is a farmer. She is a hard worker, but she cannot earn enough to feed Sangey and herself. Without the support of Jhamtse Gatsal and her sponsors, it would have been impossible to send Sangey school.

Sangey is an intelligent girl with strong leadership qualities. She is charismatic and has an attractive personality. She is a graceful dancer and a beautiful singer. She wants to grow up to be an actress or an airhostess. 

She is creative and loves to be dramatic in class and at home. Sangey is a good student and likes her lessons to be well organized. She is very good at math and enjoys solving math problems. 

She loves to draw and makes things for art and craft. She enjoys her experiential studies classes immensely and looks forward to them. She loves to sing.

She is a wonderful child with immense potential for love, kindness and caring. 

Child ID: 0904064