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Mani is a quiet but diligent student. She does her work slowly, but to perfection. She sets goals for herself and achieves them. She very beautifully understands the importance of competing with herself to get better and not in comparison to others. Her overall personality and behavior help her excel.

She is also beginning to take part in sports and dance but is still very shy and likes to stay away from limelight. 

Mani carries herself with a poise that is hard to articulate and rare for a child of her age.  She seems to always have an awareness of the room, demonstrated in her sensitivity to the needs of others. She is often a step ahead by the time the teacher calls for help tidying up the classroom, or a leader in the kitchen announces that it's time to set the tables.

Mani lost her father when she was very young. Her mother is not able to earn enough to feed and send her to school. She is from the village of Kharteng. She has been at Jhamtse Gatsal since the age of 4.

Her openness to the world comes out in the thoughtful questions she may pose over dinner, the stories she enthusiastically tells, or the way she engages joyfully and positively with her peers as they play a group game, be it a variation on tag, an imaginative pretend scenario, or rehearsing and costuming a short skit.  Personable, patient, mindful and sincere, Mani is a beautifully budding member of the Jhamtse Gatsal family.

Child ID: 0904054