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Lobsang in 2019

Lobsang in 2019

Lobsang is a quiet and shy child when you meet her for the first time. Once she opens up, she is very interesting and caring. Academically, she is an excellent student. She can understand concepts extremely easily. She works very hard. Her test scores are always well above average. She helps students around her to catch up with studies every chance she gets. Once she understands a concept, she makes sure to follow up with a lot of insightful questions which deepen her subject knowledge.

Recently we introduced experiential education (called Lakpar). She loves these classes and participates actively.

In her house, Lobsang is very reliable. She takes care of her things very well and sets a great example for other children too. She is one of the children who can always be counted on.

Lobsang loves playing table tennis and is very good at athletics. We have seen amazing potential in her and are looking forward to witnessing her future endeavours.

Child ID: 0904048