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Tashi is currently studying in grade six. She is extremely intelligent. She can be very understanding. She loves dogs and takes very good care of them.

Tashi is extremely good in academics. She is curious, a fast learner and is quick at grasping concepts that are above age and grade level. She loves reading books of all kinds especially about nature and animals. She has a scientific mind and she questions whatever she is being taught.

Her focus may vary from time to time in the classroom as she often finishes tasks much faster than her classmates. Often times, she struggles to work in groups because she arrives at solutions much faster than her team members.

Tashi is learning to be patient around her peers and is being mentored to keep pace and be gentle with them. Tashi has a strong linguistic aptitude. She has a robust vocabulary and her written expression portrays self-reflection and awareness about the world.

She loves poetry and is a talented poet. Tashi is extremely artistic. She spends most of her time making jewelry out of craft items and waste material. She also spends her free time catering to the needs of many dogs in the community.

Sometimes, one would also find her spending time with older adults who she feels comfortable with. Tashi also has excellent material skills. She can bring her thoughts and ideas on paper and also into models during Lakpar classes (experiential education). She is an interesting problem solver and keeps trying various means to reach the end goal. She made a beautiful thread puppet while toy mechanism module was being taught in Lakpar.

Tashi is learning traditional music as well. I have observed her to be quite interested in singing English songs and she has performed during class assemblies.

Tashi can be temperamental and sometimes she does not like to take up duties in her house. Her Amala, teachers and siblings understand her struggle with interpersonal skills. This is an area that we are all working on and Tashi has improved in this aspect from the previous years. We extend immense support in helping her to be consistent with desirable attitudes and many a times, she follows through with positive behavior when faced with similar challenges. It has also been noted that when Tashi is comfortable, she has taken complete responsibility for the work assigned to her.

Often times, when she struggles with emotions, she takes her time out to reflect in her own way. Once she gains clarity over the situation and her actions, she prefers to show her love and acceptance by making cards, earrings, bracelets, etc. for others.

Child ID: 0903051