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Namgey is studying to be a bhoti teacher at a College for Higher Tibetan Studies.

”I am from the R.H.O village. Near my village there is a waterfall called, Jang Waterfall. It is famous in Arunachal Pradesh. It is very pleasant. We can hear it all the time. We are able to get close but we are not able to get in the water as it is very dangerous. The speed of the fall is very high.

I would like to teach language at Jhamtse Gatsal. The closest big city which is called Tawang is 50 km from our school. This city is also known as "The Hidden Paradise" as it is famous for one of the world's oldest monastery, Tawang Monastery.

I would like to teach the main morals of life to children, which will lead them to be great human beings. In my life the greatest teachers are my Ama las, Gen la and all other staff. I am learning a lot from them like how to practice to be kind person and how to care for other people. 

I am learning in classes but the learning outside the classes is useful and helpful for me. Whenever I am sick or in difficulties they (the members of Jhamtse) ask me about my situation and if needed take me to the hospital. Related to these types of caring I learned to care other people too.

The main reason to I’d like to become a singer is that when I listen to other singer's song I feel very happy. I could learn lots of new words whether it is Tibetan or Hindi song. I want to make other people happy and joyful too.”

My favorite adventure book is Mable’s Adventure. I enjoyed it very much while reading, because it was all about animals world and full of beautiful scenery.  My favourite biography books are Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Che Guevara, and Abraham Lincoln.”

Two Stages by Namgey
All the people have two stages
First the born, second the death
No one can’t run away
From this two stages.
They are always with us.
They are best friend of us.
Every single person face this age
Even a small animal too.
Every work which we do
Will between these two stage.
They are the boundary of
Our people’s life.
Which stay first and last.

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