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Shanti on left with classmates.

Shanti on left with classmates.

“Like the piper you see on the screen, I was also scared, insecure and filled with self-doubt”, Shanthi said as she stood on the stage, delivering a speech for the role of vice-representative of Jhamtse Gatsal. She played the award-winning animated short film ‘Piper’ during her speech. In the movie, a little bird named Piper who lives near the sea, is scared to venture out into the open and fend for himself. He relies on his mother for everything. Through the course of the film, he realizes that beauty lies outside of his comfort zone and he actually ends up finding a different way to find food from the other birds there. 

Shanthi grabbed everyone’s attention and hearts that day when she spoke of her struggles, and how she is slowly learning to overcome them, just like the Piper. She added that giving the speech was one of the first things she was doing to that effect. 

The elections were held few days after Shanthi’s results from the compartment exam had come, and she had failed to clear them. “As you all know, I failed my 10th grade. I’m not a very academically strong student. But, I am going to work hard and try my best this time.” She said in her speech that day. 

True to her word, Shanthi has been working extremely hard and diligently. Apart from academics, she has taken up more responsibility this year as a cabinet member and grabbed every opportunity to showcase her confidence and her talents.

Shanthi is a quiet, calm person. She works best with teachers who sit one-one with her and teach her. She struggles in a classroom as she is insecure about her contribution and answers and prefers to be silent in a whole classroom setting. 

She is honest and genuine to the people she interacts with. She loves playing volleyball and hacky-sack. She loves the rain and plants. She is a highly responsible child, in the classroom as well as in her family house. 

Her Amala describes her as “one of the most responsible” children in the family house. She is extremely talented. She is also a modest person. She prefers to work hands-on over learning facts from a textbook. She prefers to perform tasks that require her to use her brain as well as her hands. 

She has enrolled into ‘Project Earth’, an initiative started to transform Jhamtse Gatsal into a zero-waste community.

Her promise on the day of elections still holds strong, with her trying out new things every day, and no doubt, learning more about the world and herself through these opportunities.

Child ID: 0707042