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Dorjee is hard-working and focused. She has a very clear plan for her life. She wants to become a doctor. To this end, she is determined to do well at studies. Her motivation is based in clear long-term goals that she has set for herself.

She studies hard and is doing well in studies. She does her family duties diligently. Her amala shares that she takes a special interest in helping the younger children in her family; she is responsible for teaching them all the Buddhist prayers that they need to know. She never says no, and is extremely helpful to all members of the community. 

Dorjee was a key-player in the Jhamtse girls’ volleyball team that lifted the trophy at the annual Independence day tournament last year. She has a radiant smile and a chirpy personality. Dorjee is slow to anger. She is thoughtful and patient. The future is bright for her.

Child ID: 0707041