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Kelsang (left) home for a break teaches Karsang how to take a selfie on her phone.

Kelsang (left) home for a break teaches Karsang how to take a selfie on her phone.

Kelsang wants you to know:

I am Kelsang Yudron and am from Bletting village near Bhutan border in Tawang district. I have five members in my family including myself, younger sister, younger brother, mother and my mother’s sister.

I began living at Jhamtse Gatsal in 2007. My favorite subjects are Political Science, History and English. My hobbies are writing poetry, acting, reading, and volleyball.

I graduated from Jhamtse Gatsal in 2018. I am studying law to become a lawyer. I have noticed many of children not going to school though they have right to education mentioned in the law and constitution. In my village service provided by the governments as the schemes never reached fully to the villagers. This made me curious to learn about the laws in India and find out the solutions to solve such issues. I wish to protect the rights of the people living here.

For thousands of years, the lack of modern education and modern laws has made it hard for them to fight for their rights. Through the values of love, compassion and wisdom, I want to fight for the rights of the Monpa people or people anywhere in need.

My favorite book is "Kira Kira." The theme of this book is a relationship between two sisters. My favorite poem is "The Road Not Taken" The theme of this poem is to make our own choice in our life, before making choices we have to think thousand times so that it won't lead us toward a wrong way and also we don't have to have regret. My favorite movie is "Taare Zameen Par." The theme of this movie is the importance of a teacher and also it shows that teacher has to know all kids have their own talent or ability to learn something. Some kids need recognition of special needs while others don't.

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