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Tenzin wants to study Tibetan Medicine! Tibetan Medicine is traditionally and culturally important to the region. She is focused on preserving this vital tradition to give back to Jhamtse Gatsal Children's Community and her region.

Tenzin is a born leader. She is able to draw the notice of a crowd and command their attention with her powerful voice and personality. Even in meetings with the staff, she is able to hold her own and defend her views when she believes she is right, even if it means speaking against the adults in the room. This rare self-belief and confidence are her biggest strengths.

She is keen on traveling the world and learning about new cultures and people. Her work as Vice-Captain of the school keeps her busy. She can be found organizing and supervising groups of children in activities around the community. Tenzin writes: I am working to understand English, Hindi and Tibetan and to study Tibetan Medicine.

"I was born in a village. It is a big village and houses are close to each other. There were four of us in my family. (Brother, me and my parents) Most of the time we used to play with my brother. He used to look after goats and sometimes I would also go with him. He was my friend and brother both. There were girls but they used to play and I was playing with boys. My parents were farmers. Sometimes there were misunderstanding between them and they would fight. I would cry and my brother would also cry. When they finished fighting my mom would go to other peoples home and stay for sometime. I wanted to go with her but my father wouldn’t let me go with her. Their fighting would happen when they would drink. They used to drink alcohol a lot at winter season and working at summer. As a child I loved to play a lot. I used to love to play gilli danda and a game where we have competition with boys that who can throw rocks far and how much weight of a rock can be lifted. At free time I love to play games with my friends and writing things and reading."

My favorite:
Food – no favorite food, love everything! Movie – Divergent
Sports – Cricket, Football, Table Tennis and Volleyball

Child ID: 0707039