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Yeshi comes from a very remote area, where there is no road and no communication. She had never attended school before her admission to Jhamtse Gatsal in 2007. Yeshi’s mother died after giving birth to her. Her father is a farmer. She has one sibling, an older brother, who is studying as a monk at a monastery in South India.

At Jhamtse Gatsal, Yeshi has blossomed into a sweet, conscientious, and attentive girl. She has grown gracefully into the responsibilities of serving as an older sibling figure to new classes of younger students, as children have joined the community in recent years. She is quick and enthusiastic to help out with family chores, and radiantly playful with her friends.

She is extremely expressive and good at communicating her thoughts and feelings. She is always attentive of what is going on around her. In class, she has an unwavering attention span- constantly asking relevant questions so that she can further her understanding of the thing being taught. Her good grasp of languages helps her comprehend and keep up with her coursework. This also enables her to write and express herself through written words.

She displays leadership abilities and has the ability to hold the attention of her peers while she makes a statement. Outside of class, Yeshi has good drama skills and enjoys sports. Her drama skills were displayed in an instance when she and her peers had to enact a play. Her ability to come up with quick-witted responses and capture the attention of the audience was admirable.

Child ID: 0706038