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Sangey is an affectionate friend and a kind-hearted child. Sangey is a shy boy who finds it difficult to venture out of his comfort zone. This year, he decided to step out of his comfort zone and stand for student elections. 

“If I win the elections, I will take everyone to the MLA ground for sports,” Sangey said in his speech when he stood for the position of student vice representative.

Sangey has been working hard in academics, and grabbing opportunities from arenas different from the ones he usually goes toward. 

A student in Class XII explained, “Sangey is like a tomato plant. Tomatoes are like wisdom. Without tomatoes, the plant shows off, but tomatoes have the knowledge. When the plant has a lot of tomatoes, it becomes slightly bent. I feel Sangey Ngudup has a lot of wisdom and knowledge, so I think he is slightly bent.”

He has a lot of self-doubt, and this sometimes hinders his development. Nevertheless, he does try his best. 

Sangey is a very emotional person, and tries to understand people at a deeper level. He is loyal to his friends and helps them out whenever required. Another student once shared during her reflection that she “was having a particularly hard day when Sangey came and saw something was wrong with me, he talked to me, and he made me feel a lot better.” 

He loves dogs, and has a way with animals. If he sets his mind on something, he mostly gets it done. He enjoys listening to music and has suggested I play music while the children do their writing exercises. He likes doodling, and spends some of his classes doodling along the sides of his notebooks. 

He spends most of his free time either in the volleyball or football courts and that is where his passion lies. He on in the school volleyball team. He needs to strengthen his command over language, and build his confidence. If he strives to work at his areas of development, Sangey will have a better, brighter future ahead of him.

Child ID: 0706037