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Tashi is a very curious child who loves asking questions every time we start something new. In class he is a well-behaved child. He is patient and is very caring with people. He loves to read comics and tell those stories to younger children. In class, he enjoys learning History and Mathematics. He is trying his best to help his classmates and to study hard.

He loves cracking jokes with his friends. This staff day, he performed a group dance with his friends. He has been great and loves to play table tennis, football and cricket since he was a in 2nd grade. He is friendly to all community members. Over the weekends, he loves to work in construction and in cleaning the surroundings. He also helps his house mother (Amalas) and sister to clean the house and to look after the younger children.

He loves drama and is a great actor. He obeys and respects his elders a lot. This year, we have introduced experiential education (called Lakpar) and he was very interested in building a hydraulic bridge as a project. He succeeded in building it, but it made him very sad when the younger children accidently broke it.

Tashi is a very caring person who is growing up to be an amazing young man.

Child ID: 0704045