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Phurpa’s mother died when she was very small. Phurpa is from a very poor and small village with only seven houses. Her village is near to a beautiful forest. Phurpa lived with her father and older brother before joining Jhamte Gatsal when it opened in 2006.

Phurpa is studying social work at University. Our future social worker dreams of traveling the world and helping people. Phurpa is a determined, caring person.

According to one of her former teachers: “Phurpa’s  warm-hearted nature absolutely radiates from her pores; she is bright and joyful in every work she does. She has a truly magnificent, deeply patient and joyful way with the younger kids, often acting like another house mother for her Family. She is humble, but confident and strong.”

Phurpa’s hobbies include, music, singing, poetry, gardening, drawing and reading. She hopes to travel some day.

Phurpa says:
“I am interested in life of social work. In our region or society, hospitals are very important to all our region's people. We need more doctors and facilities. If this region's people get sick, they have to go so far to the hospital in Tezpur. Mostly this region has poor people and they can't afford to go so far to the hospital. The road is not good. Many times they die on the way. Since Class 4, my friend Rinchen and I have planned that we will make a hospital in our region to help our people. We have planned and thought but I don't know if it will be fulfilled or not, but I will try and do my best.”

Beautiful Forest by Phurpa

Beautiful forest near my home village.
It's a beauty of nature.
Forest blows air very smoothly.
Smelt by villagers.
Forest and villagers are interdependent.
No one allow to harm forest.
Forest near my home village.
Grow green trees and red rhododendron.
It looks like apple tree.
True taste of forest.
Make healthy and peaceful mind.
Villager are eco-friend.
They don't cut forest.
In the present moment forest, same as before our primate time.

Child ID: 0606009