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Tsandang is studying at University. Her future plans include Indian Administrative Service and a specialization in foreign language.  She likes to learn about nature. Besides her studies she likes to dance, listen to music and any kind of sport.

Her Jhamtse teachers describe her as a “hardworking and determined girl.”

She is known as the girl with the contagious laugh!

Q: Could you please share a fond memory that you have of the first time you met Gen la?

A: When I met Genla for the first time he was just an austere man with heart full of gold which will make everyone happy. By looking just at his smile and hugging everyone make feel different. These things are very special.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: In 10 years from now I could see myself as in a stage where I know how to take care of people. If I was still  in my village then I would not have that much opportunities/facilities that I am getting in Jhamtse and I wouldn't had learned so many things

Child ID: 0606003