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Rinchen is from a small village. She is studying for her Bachelors in Psychology at a major university. She is studying Psychology, Economics and Marketing as core major subjects.

Richen likes reading, writing in her diary, dancing, playing games and listening to English and Hindi music. Her favorite game is soccer/football. Her favorite subject is English.

Rinchen says:
“I feel myself lucky that I was born in a beautiful place and nature. My village is on the mountainside which is surrounded by trees and only 15 homes are there. My village is my favorite place to enjoy nature. I used to help my grandparents to look after animals like cows, goats, sheep, pigs and hens. Still when I get vacation I go to meet my grandparents and I love to help them.”

“My favorite book is ‘Maturity’ which is written by Osho. This book is very interesting read to me because the way Osho explained about life is very unique and different from other authors. Information from ‘Maturity’ book really giving me courage to move forward in my life.”

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