Konchok is in need of sponsors!


Konchok is an amazing, creative, laid back child with a multitude of talents. He rarely gets angry. He lacks self confidence. A sponsor can help by encouraging him to have confidence and explore his talents.

When he sees anyone in a bad mood or sad, he tries to make them smile. He has a great sense of humor.

Konchok is creative. Be it an assignment, or a speech to be delivered the next day that he’s forgotten all about, or a self-introduction video he was asked to make, Konchok’s creativity shines through.

Konchok has a way with dealing with adults, small kids, even dogs. His dog Vicky is often found by his side.

Konchok has a lot of self-doubt and doesn’t believe his work is good enough. With encouragement and motivation, we believe Konchok can get past this impediment.

He loves sports and does not waste a single minute after class to run and join his friends on the field. He is a die-hard fan of Ronaldo and Messi.

Though he struggles to get outside of his comfort zone, he ran for an office position in the student elections and gave it his best.

His friends see Konchok as a deep-thinker. He likes to immerse himself in his thoughts and reflect. He likes listening to upbeat music.

Child ID: 0604034