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A student of class VII describes Tenzin as “a kind of a lama (monk)”. Tenzin has the admirable qualities of a Lama- of being patient, calm, silent, kind and wise. This year, Tenzin had some heart-breaking moments with his Xth grade compartment results. Instead of letting that bring him down, Tenzin Norbu picked himself up, and started to give his best. He wants to work with machines in the future. To realize that dream, he will need to take the science stream in the XIth grade. To that effect, Tenzin has started working really hard to excel in science, and pass his board exam. Last year, he underwent ear surgery, and this compromised his studies. This year, he is more than determined to make up for that lag. He is one of the last people in his family house to turn off the lights, close his books, and turn in to slumber. 

He has an air of calmness and serenity about him, and makes his decisions in a very thoughtful manner. He is extremely mindful about his work, and does his best. One often finds him, deep into a physics problem, trying to figure out the solution. He is very interested in physics. 

He is a little shy sometimes, and silent, but at other times, he is social with his friends and family. He is an adventurer at heart and wants to travel the world some day. 

Sometimes, however, I feel that he is not disciplined enough with his studies and runs off to the football court whenever time permits. He loves sports and enjoys playing volleyball and football. He is a big fan of Ronaldo and Messi. 

He is extremely hardworking when he puts his mind and heart in the task at hand. He is a very respectful child. He is very understanding towards his friends. When any of his friends are in need, he supports them emotionally. He also gives them sound advice to help them solve the problem.

This year, as a part of the school assembly, Tenzin played a part in a mime on saving water. When he sheds his outer skin of shyness, there is a brilliant actor hiding inside of Tenzin. I am trying to tap that and give him more opportunities to express himself in front of an audience. 

Tenzin is an extremely talented child and if nurtured in the right direction, he will blossom and grow into an amazing individual.

Child ID: 0604025