Tenzin is in need of sponsors! 


Tenzin is a focused and determined girl. She dreams of being a lawyer. Her amala describes her as responsible and committed to her work.

In the family space, she is extremely helpful especially with the little children. She helps them their cleaning chores and homework. An introvert around new people, she is starting to open up to the new teachers in the community and engage with them.

 Though she is not particularly interested in sports, she shows great athletic potential. She is shy, and under-confident when presenting in front of an audience. However, her language skills are an advantage. With more exposure and opportunities over these next two years, she will be able to hone these important skills to her advantage.

What is “development”?
Tenzin: “Development is to make new things that benefits for us. In India they used to have an evil system called the Sati system, child marriage, and girls were not allowed to go to school. After that British bring with them Western education and they help to end evil rule and also help education system. Now India’s girls are more students than boys, and also they help to make roads, and industries, etc.”

What causes contentment? What causes suffering?
Tenzin: “Contentment causes by living in simple lifestyle and having our own land, not in competition with other country or villages, knowing which background we are from and what’s purpose we are working and know who you are. Suffering causes by development and not having happy and love which way we need and having competition and greedy, not having good relationship with others.”

Child ID: 0604019