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Tsering joined Jhamtse Gatsal as a small child when the school opened in 2006. His father passed away in 2005. With four small children in his family, his mother was unable to send Tsering to school.

Today, Tsering is a delightful and outgoing boy with a bold and vivacious sense of humor. A teacher describes him as “the kid who always gives maximum hugs to everybody in the community.” He is energetic and social, and loves to play and joke.

Tsering is smart in the practical sense. He is very good with his hands and is extremely interested in building things. For instance, there was a day when he taught his peers how to make cement bricks.

In his classes he has trouble concentrating and focusing. He is better able to retain information when it is verbally presented to him. He is quick when he applies his mind to what he is doing.

Tsering is a very creative and imaginative. He enjoys playing sports and is more into handiwork than academics.

Where I Came From by Tsering

I am came from climbing to the tree
I am came from eating apple
I am came from doing work
I am came from driving car
I am came from Bagar
I am came from Munpat I am came from India
I am came from movie
I am came from my village
I am came from playing ball

Child ID: 0604014