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Gombu is an energetic and passionate child. He really enjoys playing football with his friends every evening. He always takes responsibility for the sports equipment as well. Gombu hopes to one day become a professional football player. As a person, Gombu is loved a lot especially by the younger children. They lovingly call him achi (which means elder brother).

In his house, Gombu is a very energetic and lively child. He actively helps his housemothers (Amalas) with their chores. He also likes working with the construction team. When he is not playing football, you can always find him there. Academically, Gombu finds it difficult to produce his answers on paper even if he has the knowledge.

He has taken up the challenge of improving his writing skills. He spends extra time in class every evening after dinner with his teachers in which he practices making notes. This is showing a gradual improvement in his writing skills.

This year, we have also introduced experiential education (called Lakpar). Gombu enjoys Lakpar a lot. He has chosen to build a sprinkler as his project for his Lakpar class. He feels that his Amala’s spend a lot of time and energy in watering the plants. He wanted to make it easier for them by automating the entire process. He will be prototyping this with simple materials first and then will build it.

All in all, Gombu is a kind-hearted child who is a respectful and helpful part of this community. We have seen a lot of positive change in him when compared to last year. He is growing into a remarkable young man.

Child ID: 0604007