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Dorjee, with his winning smile and charismatic personality, is sure to sweep your heart away. But, beneath that charming exterior lies an introvert by heart.

This year, Dorjee stood for the position of student vice-representative, and won the title through his ‘clever’ and well-thought out speech. As he stood on the stage to deliver his speech, we were amazed by his command over body language and his confidence. He truly has a way with people and knows what to say to get people over to his side.

He loves giving public addresses and truly enjoyed the process that day. He takes a lot of inspiration from Gen Lobsang Phuntsok and keeps him in high regard. He says he also “wants to become a great public speaker like Genla”. The difference with Dorjee is that this dialogue ceases to merely be words. He rolls up his sleeves, and acts with great alacrity.

Dorjee believes in continuous learning, and that is his greatest strength. Whenever he witnesses something new and interesting, he takes the effort to learn it and hence operate the same independently. I witnessed this when I helped them prepare for their class assembly which focused on the question “Who am I?” Each child had to create a video to answer this question.

Dorjee not only learned how to make a movie using iMovie, he went ahead to help create videos for most of his classmates. He is a quick and an inquisitive learner.

He is aware of his strengths and weaknesses and constantly works on his areas of development. For instance, he struggles with the english language. He reaches out to his English teacher to help him with his handicap, and consciously works towards the same.

He is a philosopher at heart. When he had to give a speech on life, he connected it to a story about a monk and a guy in a rose garden, and the analogies he drew between the elements of the story and life were truly remarkable. Dorjee has a knack for story telling and public speaking. If he works hard on these skills, I believe he can truly shine in these aspects.

We have seen him adjust to the role of vice representative brilliantly. He has balanced authority and fun incredibly well. His solutions are sustainable and long-lasting.

In his free time, Dorjee loves listening to music. He loves to dance and watch movies. He loves sports and enjoys playing volleyball and football. He loves hip-hop. Dorjee has shown a tremendous growth this year, and is on his way to a bright, brilliant future.

Child ID: 0604006