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The children of Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community are thriving, thanks to your generosity! Thanks to you, the cycle of generational poverty for the children of Jhamtse Gatsal is being broken. We are deeply grateful for all that you’ve done. 

Kelsang in 2007

Kelsang in 2007

Meet Kelsang! 
She came to Jhamtse Gatsal in 2007 at the age of 7. Her father died at a young age after a long illness. She and her mother lived in great poverty. They had no sources of income. 

Kelsang had never been to school. She lived in a very remote village where there are no roads or means of communication.

Today Kelsang is an aspiring lawyer! She is attending University where she will graduate with both a Bachelor of Law and Business Administration.

Kelsang in 2017

Kelsang in 2017

 Kelsang has a ‘Jhamtse’ vision for her future:
“I have noticed many children in my village not going to school though they have right to education mentioned in the law and constitution! In my village, services provided by the government never reach to the villagers. This made me curious to learn about the laws in India. I want to  find out the solutions to solve such issues.

I wish to protect the rights of the people living in my village. For thousands of years, the lack of modern education and modern laws has made it hard for them to fight for their rights. Through the values of love, compassion and wisdom, I want to fight for the rights of the Monpa people or people in need.”

We are so grateful to have supporters like you, making dreams like Kelsang’s possible!

Today we embark on our year end campaign. Our goal is to provide for 15 more children to join the Children’s Community by raising $300,000 by December 31st. 

We are reaching out to you as an important member of our Jhamtse family. Would you be willing to make a one time or monthly year end donation of $50, $100, $250 or more to help us break the cycle of poverty for 15 more children in need?

Gen Lobsang Phuntsok la

Gen Lobsang Phuntsok la

Gen Lobsang Phuntsok, Founder of Jhamtse Gatsal recently said: 

“If you help one child, like a Tashi, you change future generations of Tashi, and someday Tashi will change her family, her children…it’s not just helping one Tashi. From now on, our children will become compassion warriors, agents of change, and they will carry on this mission of love and compassion going forward.”

Thank you for your continued support. I’m positively humbled to reflect on the empowerment your generosity has made possible for the children of Jhamtse Gatsal. You are inspiring the spread of love and compassion at the Children’s Community and around the globe.  

With deep admiration and appreciation,

Mark Foley
Executive Director
Jhamtse International  
Mobile: 978-502-6452

P.S. You can learn more about the amazing work your donations make possible by checking out the Jhamtse Gatsal Facebook page!